How Beneficial Technology Has Proven To Be Today

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Today technology has come far further and mankind has experienced every aspect of technology right from landing on the moon to dramatic medical advances and the rise of the internet.

So let us have a look in what ways technology has created an impact in our lives.

1.Social Connection– There was a time when people used to talk very less with their friends or relatives who used to stay very far away from them. But today with the availability of certain facilities such as video chat and social media long distances have become short and now we can contact to any person no matter in which corner of the world they are.

2.Safety– Earlier, safety was a major issue for humans as there was no equipment which can help a person ensure his/her safety especially when they were alone at home. But today with the availability of a large number of technological solutions available which can make you feel a lot safer anywhere. For example, a special device named PERS i.e Personal Emergency Response System is specially designed for senior citizens using which they can call for help just with the simple push of a button.

3.ExerciseРA lot of doctors and nursing homes use Nintendo’s Wii sports games on their elderly patients so that they can get engaged in some light physical activity so that they can stay fit even in their old age.