3 Important Tips To Get The Best Quote For Your Private Charter Flight

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Are you planning to charter a private jet? Stop! Often, people get trapped into the selection of private jet charter companies and choosing the right type of aircraft and end up for the expensive bookings. So, be aware of all the tricks and traps before getting the quote for your next private jet charter flight.

Be flexible on your Departure and Arrival Airports

Instead of landing on major international airports, there are many alternative city airports where landing fees and traffic might be less. They can save you money. Also, if the plane is based there, you can save paying for positioning.

Instead of a round trip, book two one-ways

If your trip takes more than couple of days, the operator would not let the airplane sit around and wait for your journey to end. Rather, it would likely make two round trips, and you may end up paying more. So, it’s better to ask your charter representative to search for an empty leg for each of leg of your trip. These planes which are re positioning empty are heavily discounted and that can save you good amount of money.

Book Your Trip At the Last Minute

Unlike commercial flights, there is no benefit to book your flight months in advance. The price for a private jet charter remains the same whether you are a single traveler or a group of 10-15. The best time you may find deals is week or two prior to your trip. So, wait for the last minute bookings. Although empty legs appear weeks in advance, the operators are more interested to price aggressively at the last minute.

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