Insanely Awesome Gadgets That Will Surprise You

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Technology has changed a lot with time and time it has become more innovative and high tech. Over the years a lot of innovative and mind-blowing gadgets have come into the market.

So lets have a look at some the most innovative gadgets that will just stun you.

  • Adidas Smart Ball

This smart ball is a football, which consists of an integrated sensor that detects the speed, spin, flight path and impact point. The kick data are transmitted through a Bluetooth Smart where it is displayed visually.

  • AIR2

It is claimed to be the first floating Bluetooth speaker of its kind which levitates over its base.

  • Edyn Garden Sensor And Water Valve

This is a smart gardening system which monitors and keeps a close eye on the environmental conditions so that one can maximize plant health. The system also includes Edyn Garden Sensor, Edyn Water Valve and Edyn App. All these systems monitor the plant soil and make suggestions about planting, when to water and fertilise.

  • Elite SC-89

Pioneer Elite SC -89 is a 9.2 channel A/V receiver which incorporates new Dolby Atmos technology, which has an ability to decode/playback  Dolby Atmos immersive content, Class D3 amplification technology, and MCACC Pro acoustic calibration system.

  • Fuel3D Scanner


This is described as one of the most affordable handheld 3D scanning system that delivers a very high-class 3D shape resolution and capture colour for a range of creative applications.

  • iCam HD Pro

This is Amaryllo’s brand new entry into the home security market. This is the most innovative home security camera featuring full HD videos, object tracking, multi-viewing, and 360◎ of rotation.